Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of Preschool!

It was last week, but this picture is just TOO sweet...Notice he wrote his own name :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


...it seems that my boys are GROWING UP!!

Chapman at age 3 (almost) & Cole at 7 1/2 months

Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 2: Hollywood Studios

Ha ha!! I didn't do a very good job of finishing my blog about our trip to Disney. The next morning, we all slept in to recover from the flight & late dinner. Then, it was breakfast & swimming before heading to Hollywood Studios for a lunch reservation at Mama Melrose Italian Restaurant....YUM!

Unfortunately, after a morning of swimming, Claire & Chap slept through most of lunch. They literally CRASHED at the table! Oh, and it started POURING rain when we hopped on the bus to head to Hollywood Studios, so we were soaked when we got to lunch. It continued to be drizzly the rest of the day, but we were able to enjoy several shows & some rides before the Fantasmic lights & water show that night!

We were really just scoping out what we would do when we came back to Hollywood Studios later in the week. Toy Story Mania would be a must!

a little swimming

Poppi & Cole

our lunch reservations were pretty late :)

this one cracks me up...the Littles ready to tour Hollywood Studios

me & Maddie

did I mention it was very wet?!

Nelson kiddos!

Lightning McQueen

Chap ready for Fantasmic

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disney World: First Night

In June, my parents took all of us to Walt Disney World in Florida. It was SUCH a fun trip! I am going to try to blog about each day we were there, starting with the first night.

We flew into Orlando on Saturday, took a quick look around the fun resort, and hopped on the bus to dinner with Chef Mickey! Definitely a "must-do". I think this is one that you have to book way in advance, but it is worth it! The perfect way to kick off the trip!

The first to visit our table...MINNIE!

not a fan!

Chef Donald...notice Cole's giant spit-up mouth!

Chef Goofy!

Chef Pluto!

Finally, Chef MICKEY!

Mixed in between...waving our napkins & dancing!

To top it off..LOTS of desserts!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Lake Weekend

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend at the lake with our wonderful community group. So, in other words, 10 adults & 7 kids under 3!! It was such a blast! We were able to stay at a BEAUTIFUL house out on Possum Kingdom lake, complete with heated pool for all to enjoy. The weekend was spent swimming, napping, fishing, talking, laughing, & eating some yummy food! We are SO thankful for these friends in our lives :)

Here are a few snapshots...

Luke (15 months)

Jack (11 months)

Bennett (3) & Chap (2 1/2) with their Daddies

Dayton (16 months)

Jackson (9 months)

Cole (3 months)

Chap loving the lake!

lots of swimming!

Cole...not so much a fan of the water!

hanging outside after dinner

our beautiful house!

mmmmmm, roasted marshmallows!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Morning Sleepyheads!!

This makes me laugh!! Love, love, LOVE these two!!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend

The Penuels had a wonderful Easter weekend celebrating with family & friends! We started by heading to Wichita Falls on Thursday night. We had so much fun with Grammy, Poppi, Uncle Bill, Aunt Jen, Uncle, Ana, & our favorite cousins!! There was a LOT of playing outside, a little egg dyeing, some drum playing & a visit from Joanna & Reese. All in all, such a perfect visit.

serious egg-dyeing...

Reese & Chapman in their famous "chair picture"...this makes #3

We headed back to Dallas Saturday night after a FABULOUS flank steak dinner, and Aunt Buggy & Marmi came over Easter morning with fun treats for the boys! We all enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Cindi's, and headed to Watermark for the 11:15 service. What a wonderful reminder that because Christ is risen, He WILL come back & take care of this world that is full of pain & destruction.

After church & naps, Chap & Cole got to see their Easter baskets full of fun treats, and then we topped off the evening with Easter dinner over at the Jaquas!

We are truly blessed this Easter by family, friends, and the love of our Savior!