Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lollipops & Easter Eggs...

Sweet Cara hosted playgroup at her house on Monday. She planned for the boys to go on an Easter Egg hunt in the backyard & the mommies wanted to try for another group picture like we did last year at Easter.

Brittney had the brilliant idea to bring lollipops to lure the boys into sitting still. I must say, it worked great, and we got some precious pictures!! We were so sad to be missing Amy & Porter, so we might have to get a shot of P with his lollipop & photo-shop him right in...can you do that??

Thanks Cara!! You were the best hostess :) We can't wait to meet baby Grant!

First of all, a shot of Chapman hunting Easter eggs...check out that face!!

here is our shot from last year...

and here is this these boys!! (Cara took these!!)

here are a few from my camera...Chapman & Quinn

Chap, Quinn, Tanner & Reid

where's Hudson??

and some individual shots :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bennett Turns 2!

Our good buddy Bennett turned 2 this weekend & invited Chapman to come celebrate w/a cool "Bubble Party"!! The plan was to have the party at the park, but the cold Texas winds caused the party to move inside. We were still able to get some good bubble time in the front yard w/Bennett & Ridge. Stacey had such fun things planned, and the boys LOVED the bubble time, indoor picnic, & delicious cupcakes!

Here are a few pics of the boys...

Fun bubble time w/Bennett & Ridge...

Sweet little sister, Dayton, wishes she could join in on the fun!

a quick fireplace picture...

Happy Birthday Bennett!! We love you :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break '09

The Penuels had a fun & relaxing Spring Break! Grammy & Poppi kept Chapman while we went to a wedding for our sweet friends SarahBeth & Jeremy. David did part of the ceremony & did such a wonderful job!

me & David at the reception

my sweet sister-in-law!

the Jaquas!

David & Julie

We enjoyed a double date w/our friends Becca & Saleem while Chapman was still away...dinner at Tavernia, coffee at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse, & dessert at LaMadeleine. What a perfect night!

hanging at the coffee shop...

Becca & Saleem

The boys are being VERY social!

The guy sitting on my couch left...sad!

We stopped by Megan's St. Patrick's Day party!!

Then we headed to Wichita Falls for a few days. Chapman played LOTS of basketball & even enjoyed a trip to Chuck E. Cheese!!

at Chuck. E Cheese getting ready to play skee ball!

there he goes!

Claire on the slide

Chappy & Chuck E

hanging w/the big boys in the yard

What a wonderful Spring Break!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

18 months!

So I keep forgetting to take my camera places, so I am missing some great pictures!! Gotta love the iphone though :) Here are a few I took of Chapman recently...

at Reid's birthday party at Little Gym (he had a blast!!)

eating his cake & pizza like such a big boy!

waiting to get checked at his 18-month dr's appt.

he really loves his random "kung-fu" book :)

His 18 month stats were:

height: 33 inches (75%)
weight: 26 lb 1 oz (50%)

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Night of Jonas...

Last night we were invited to a special screening of the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience and then to an after party where there was going to be an appearance by the actual Jonas Brothers!!

For those who don't know, David & our friends Jeremy & Bode were in the Jonas Brothers movie as the "Fake Jonas Brothers"...I will post the story behind that later on, but for now, pictures from last night!! We had such a BLAST :)

Warning: LOTS of pictures!!

First, we stopped off to get our "credentials" for the movie screening. We brought Julie with us & she got in!! (6pm)

waiting in line (taking lots of fan pics...)

the wives/fiances/sisters in line :)

me w/the boys...Fake Kevin, Fake Nick & Fake Joe (my favorite of course!)

Demi Lovato welcomed everyone in the theater...she is really cute!

ready to watch!! Free drink & popcorn - YEA! (7:30pm)

The Fake Jonas Brothers on the red carpet


The girls on the red carpet...I had such a fun outfit, but it was FREEZING outside!

another one...

me & Ashley

the red carpet - ha ha

There were fans lined up at these gated for hours...the boys went to see them - craziness!!

at the party...David w/JC & Kidd Kraddick from 106.1 (9:30pm)

me with Demi Lovato

the boys introducing the JoBros (12:20am)

It took awhile for them to actually come, so we entertained ourselves as needed...

Finally, a quick appearance... (12:40am) The boys got to meet the JoBros (and their parents) for the first time backstage just before they went on. They said the whole family was very friendly, complimentary, and maybe a little weirded out. :)

We love them...let's go get some more pics outside!!

Kevin & Joe walking by


Finally a pic of the real & fake Jonas Brothers!! (1:30am)