Monday, May 03, 2010

Lake Weekend

A few weeks ago, we spent the weekend at the lake with our wonderful community group. So, in other words, 10 adults & 7 kids under 3!! It was such a blast! We were able to stay at a BEAUTIFUL house out on Possum Kingdom lake, complete with heated pool for all to enjoy. The weekend was spent swimming, napping, fishing, talking, laughing, & eating some yummy food! We are SO thankful for these friends in our lives :)

Here are a few snapshots...

Luke (15 months)

Jack (11 months)

Bennett (3) & Chap (2 1/2) with their Daddies

Dayton (16 months)

Jackson (9 months)

Cole (3 months)

Chap loving the lake!

lots of swimming!

Cole...not so much a fan of the water!

hanging outside after dinner

our beautiful house!

mmmmmm, roasted marshmallows!