Thursday, July 09, 2009

Won't He Be the Cutest...


The Penuels are SO EXCITED to announce that we are expecting another sweet baby in January 2010!! Right now, our expected due date is January 20...that's right, I am already 12 weeks :) We got to see our newest little addition in a sonogram at our 12 week appointment, and everything looks perfect!

Annual Fort Smith Visit!

A few weeks ago, Chapman & I loaded up in the car & headed to Fort Smith to visit my sweet friend Kat & her 2 little ones, Ellie & Sam. We visited last summer and had so much fun, so we had to go back this year!! I loved getting to see Sam all grown up, and Chapman & Ellie became fast friends. We went swimming, rode the train at the park, went out to eat, and just played in the Friddle's awesome playroom! Kat & I got lots of good time to visit & catch up :) We sure miss having them in Dallas & look forward to our next visit! (I hardly took ANY pictures, but here are the few I got!)

waiting for the train

precious Sam

my one attempt at a group shot!