Monday, March 15, 2010

Chapman's Favorite Things:

I don't want to forget all of the things that Chap is loving right now. I thought I would do a post of his Top 10 Favorites at the age of 2 1/2. He is always BUSY, and these are some of his must-haves!!

Chapman's Top Ten:

1. Drum Set

Chap got this for his 2nd birthday, and it is his FAVORITE thing to play with! He loves to rock out back in his room, and when Daddy joins in on guitar, it is quite a concert!

2. "Red Guitar"

There are MANY guitars in our house (more than I could count), but he always seem to go back to "red guitar". It is a plain brownish, reddish ukelele, and it is almost always the guitar of choice :) This picture isn't the exact same guitar, but close enough :)

3. Red Art Table

This thing is awesome!! My mom got it for Chapman for Christmas this year from Company Store Kids. We keep it folded under our couch & pull it out for art projects all the time. He loves to draw & color, and it is the perfect size for even works for snacktime!

4. Blankie

I love Chapman's Little Giraffe brand blankie. It is the cutest color of blue & the perfect size. He has had it since he was a little baby, and he has literally worn it out! I am currently searching for a replacement!

5. Basketball Goal

This is set up in our TV room, and Chapman & Daddy play LOTS of b-ball games in there. He is learning to perfect his slam dunk & 3-pointer! It is a favorite when our buddies come to play :)

6. Light-up stick

The picture isn't exactly like ours, but Chapman loves to play with his light-up "sword". It was a very cheap find from Kohl's, and he takes it into his room when its dark & waves it around and around like he is at a concert! The original light up stick belongs to cousin Jack, but it stays at Aunt Jen's.

7. Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience

When David had his little cameo in this movie, we would play bits & pieces so Chap could watch the guitars, drums, etc. Well now, it is his FAVORITE MOVIE!! He will perform the ENTIRE concert with the help of his guitars, microphone, drums, light up stick, etc. He knows every is TOO precious! Our own little Jonas Brother!

8. Bowling Pins

We have the game "Wii Sports Resort", and there is a sword fighting game on it that Chap loves! He watches Daddy play, and he pretends to play right along with him. He started using his bowling pins as swords, and he loves to challenge anyone who will duel with him! Sometimes we bowl with these too...very fun :)

9. Puzzles

I just love all of the Melissa & Doug puzzles. They are so colorful & durable. We especially love this chunky tool puzzle!

10. Pei Wei chopsticks

Did you know that these are the perfect travel drumsticks?? I keep several packs in the diaper bag because you never know when you will need drumsticks :)

I actually forgot one...this sand/water table is precious, and it is so much fun to play with outside! Right now, we are enjoying the sand. Once it warms up, we will fill it with water to try & beat the heat!

Now that we have shared our favorites...what are some of yours??

Monday, March 01, 2010

Impromptu Photo Shoot!

Last night before bed, I snapped a few pics of my boys in their jammies. I actually captured some really sweet moments, including Cole's precious SMILE. He has been flashing that handsome grin for a little over a week, and I LOVE it!! One of my favorites is the one of me with both of them...I love my boys SO much!!

Cole's smile (& BLONDE hair!!)


admiring his older bro

sweet brother pic

ALL of my boys!


Mommy & boys