Saturday, January 23, 2010

First Week...

We are just LOVING our new little man! Cole has been such a sweet, laid-back baby so far, and we feel so blessed. Chapman has been a great brother...we are very proud of him!

A few things from this week...

We had to say "bye" to Grammy...sad!! She was SUCH a huge help, and we were so grateful for all that she did for us this week!!

Cole's first bath...pretty successful!

We are looking forward to week 2...I can't believe how fast the time is already flying by!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday's Hospital Visitors

We've already had some really fun visits today! The highlight was Chapman meeting his little brother for the first time. He was so sweet! He brought him a balloon and when he saw Cole getting cold, shared his blankie with him. They're going to get along just fine!

First Meeting
Chapman Holding Cole
Brittney Poe
Amy Hulme
William West
Russ Hulme
Cole with Chapman's Blankie
Aunt Cynthia
Cousin Lynn
Cousins Claire, Maddie, and Jack
Lindsay Gray and Heather Adams
Megan McCurry
Ana Rincon

Thursday's Hospital Visitors

We had a great night last night! Cole spent most of the night in the nursery and mom and dad got some much needed sleep. We're so filled with joy and gratitude as we reflect on the last 24 hours. Here are some of Cole's family and friends that came to see him yesterday. He's looking forward to meeting many more today!

Cole Phillip Penuel
Grammy & Poppi
Uncle Jeff
Aunt Jen
Aunt Julie (Buggie)
Bennett Parker
Jeff, Dayton, & Stacey Parker
Clint Miller
Lisa Miller

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Labor & Delivery "Play by Play"

1:52pm - The Penuels are pleased to introduce you to Cole Phillip Penuel. He was born at 1:06pm (after only 6 minutes of pushing!) and came out weighing 7lbs 4oz. Looks a lot like his big brother did when he was born (but without the wild hair)!

12:58pm - It's on. We're pushing!

12:29pm - Anesthesia kicking in. Everything is chill. Just noticed this bracelet that Alli has to wear because her lower half is numb. Thought it was funny.

12:19pm - Check out our smokin' hot cheerleaders! Just got some extra anesthesia. We're going fast...May not be back on the blog before baby comes. Best guess...2 or 3 more hours!

12:00pm - Dilated to 8cm. The goal is 10cm. We're moving right along! Looks like this guy is a little more eager to meet us than Chapman was!

11:45am - Just checked Facebook and got some encouragement from our friends, the Petersons (pictured above), down in College Station. Thanks for all the comments, we're reading them all and are grateful to have loved ones to share this day with!

11:15am - Dilated to 5+ cm. Progressing right along. Flipping channels in hospital room. Randomly, it is our first time seeing Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience is on TV. Super fun feeling seeing yourself on TV. Reconsidering naming the baby Jonas instead of Cole (not true).

10:20am - Contractions starting to get painful. More epidural, more better. We're enjoying chatting with our nurse and our first visitor has arrived! Welcome Aunt Jen!

9:30am - Epidural is in. Administering minimal doses. Contractions getting stronger. Watching the Today Show. All good.

8:30am - Water Broken. 3 cm dilated. No picture available.

7:49am - Battle Stations Ready (See Picture Above). Alli's in her spot and I'm manning my post behind the laptop. Our nurse is Amanda and she already seems great! We're both excited and expectant for a day filled with joy!

7:30am - Check-In

6:30am - Call Labor & Delivery to confirm bed availability

Midnight Wednesday - Nothing to eat or drink (including water, ice chips, mints, and gum)

Friday, January 08, 2010

A few Christmas Snapshots...

I would love to do a blog post highlighting ALL of our Christmas fun. BUT in hopes of saving time before sweet baby Cole arrives, I thought I would just post a few pics from the entire break...Merry Christmas!!

new Nativity from Grammy!!

decorating Christmas cookies...

our Christmas tree

Christmas with the Penuels at our house...Wonder Pets!

Daddy & Chap

LOTS of presents...

cousins in Wichita Falls

playing outside before the blizzard!

playing outside after the blizzard!

Christmas Eve cookies for Santa!

Christmas Eve Jammies!

Christmas morning!!

new baby Jaguar (for all those Diego fans out there)

We had SUCH a wonderful Christmas!! Now, we are excited about our new year with our new addition!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


For all of you Twilight fans out there, enjoy this video that David & Bode made for the Watermark Sr. High Ski Trip :) Hilarious!!

Twilight Video