Monday, February 18, 2008

Guitar Hero, Bath Time, and More!

There are several pictures in this bunch that will make you smile and a few that might make you laugh out loud. We took Chapman to Jeff Parker's "Guitar Hero" themed 30th birthday party. Chapman was a generic punk with a killer mohawk, Alli was Hannah Montana, and David was Fake Joe Jonas (from the Fake Jonas Brothers). It's been a little chilly lately so Chapman's been rocking his cool striped hat. He also likes to have his mouth on everything...but who doesn't?

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Birthdays, American Girl & Playgroup

February 4th was a celebration of Maddie & Jeff's shared birthday. The next day Maddie and the girls (and Chapman) spent the day doing girlie things at the American Girl store. Next, we hosted Playgroup at our house and Chapman loved having his friends Reid, Quinn, Hudson, and Porter over to play. We missed Tanner though.

You might notice in the pictures that Chapman is working quite a nice combover these days. He's lost a lot of hair on the side and back but the stuff on top is still growing strong. Today was the first day it kind of got in his rebellious!

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Friday, February 01, 2008

January 2008

This month, Alli helped host a shower for Rebecca Anderson (Now Rebecca Jackson) on Thursday before her wedding. David got a stomach bug on the Friday after that and Alli got it during the wedding on Saturday and had to bow out early. Two weeks, later we're fully recovered. Chapman is as cute as ever and is possibly teething since his streak of sleeping through the night has abruptly ended. Our late night wake up calls may also be due to the fact that Chapman has learned to roll over onto his back but is not yet able to return to his tummy.

Click here for a slideshow of pictures from January 2008