Saturday, July 10, 2010

Disney World: First Night

In June, my parents took all of us to Walt Disney World in Florida. It was SUCH a fun trip! I am going to try to blog about each day we were there, starting with the first night.

We flew into Orlando on Saturday, took a quick look around the fun resort, and hopped on the bus to dinner with Chef Mickey! Definitely a "must-do". I think this is one that you have to book way in advance, but it is worth it! The perfect way to kick off the trip!

The first to visit our table...MINNIE!

not a fan!

Chef Donald...notice Cole's giant spit-up mouth!

Chef Goofy!

Chef Pluto!

Finally, Chef MICKEY!

Mixed in between...waving our napkins & dancing!

To top it off..LOTS of desserts!