Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another New Blog

Happy Thursday afternoon. I added a link to another new blog. The junior girls small group from Watermark has created their own blog to keep in touch about what's going on. GREAT IDEA ASHLEIGH!

It's easy and should do it too.

We've got leaders meeting tonight and then I've got an exciting morning of laundry and housecleaning coming up tomorrow. You might think I'm a nerd, but I really can't wait to dust and vacuum and fold etc...I don't know why but I find it so therapuetic and enjoyable.

I'll probably have some Dave Barnes music blaring in the background. If you haven't heard of him, google his name and have a listen.

The Voicemaster is a Mime

added a link to jonathan goldthwaite's blog. this should be interesting.

p.s. I added the link and am typing this from my kitchen table. I brought my laptop home and somehow have a miraculous wireless internet connection for free! Thanks go out to my neighbors (who I haven't met yet and am a little scared of since I live alone) for the internet hookup.

p.s.s. My birthday is coming up (April 19) and I want a basketball goal (goalrilla or futurepro) if anyone was getting ready to throw one away or something. Also, Audrey J. has the same birthday as me and I think we're going to have a combo paintball party on Sat. April 16 (but you have to bring a gift or make a generous contribution to the basketball goal fund if you want to come).

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hangin' with McKenzie & his dad Michael

Baby Caroline with the GP-Rents

McJunkin after 9th Grade Small Group

My blog on my new laptop!

New Laptop

I just got a new laptop at work. You can expect the blogging to take a dramatic turn into the "best blog ever" realm.

"Intense love for something inevitably leads to rejection of something else."

"Most of us struggle with petty sins, jealousies, and attitudes that make us miserable."

Questions I've been asking myself:

How intense is your love for God?

What petty sins, jealousies, and attitudes have you gladly rejected and left because you've found something better in God?

Sins weary, torment, darken, defile, and weaken...Godliness energizes, consoles, enlightens, purifies, and strengthens. Which will you choose today?

Monday, March 28, 2005

Easter Bunny visits Hanson!


Hey team - I've been trying to figure out how to leave "audio blogs" so that I can post audio messages from anywhere using my cell phone. Haven't gotten it to work yet but boy will it be cool when I do.

2 great thoughts for today about SURRENDERING YOUR LIFE TO GOD from a book I'm reading called The Glorious Pursuit...

1. "People who live on the surface of life are ruled by circumstances, but surrender lifts us above the momentary stream of events." I wrote in the margin, "I don't want to live on the surface of things." The Bible tells us that those who surrender to the Lord, "will gain new strength to mount up with wings like eagles." Too many of us (myself most of all) are drowning in the "stream" of the moment because we are flying way too low. Streams are shallow, no eagle should drown in one...and yet we fail so many times to let surrender to God lift us up.

2. "The measure of true faith is not how easy (or difficult) life becomes; it's how we maintain a spirit of surrender through the ups and downs of everyday living." We often wrongly assume that faith leads to blessing after blessing making us all healthy, wealthy, and happy. Sometimes I catch myself trying to prove the stength my faith by calculating the value of my blessings...I was also disgusted to realize that I unconsciously evaluate the faith of others based on the amount of "blessing" I perceive in thier lives. True men of faith are always entrusted with good health, good reputation, a big house, and perfect family...THIS IS A LIE. True men of faith are surrendered to God whether their lives are filled with suffering or filled with sunshine...they just keep surrending (finding incomparable joy and peace I might add) every day no matter what because they know and trust God.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

easter thoughts

Christians like me believe that the blood of Jesus was shed in the place of ours. The death we deserve was passed on to God's son. His death was very powerful but was only made complete by His even more triumphant victory over death on Easter morning. We brought Him death, and He brought us the promise of eternal life!

The thing about Easter is that it really boils down to the incredible story of a man raising from the dead. This sounds absurd, but it is amazingly and undeniably true. (Men have tried to disprove the idea that the tomb of Jesus was and is empty, but none have succeeded. The evidence is simply find out more, check out the writings of former skeptic and Yale Law graduate Lee Strobel).

Resurrection from the dead changes everything. I mean, what do you do when a guy comes back to life? How do you handle that? What are the implications of such an amazing feat? What is so significant about the empty tomb of Jesus?

Here's what I heard today that I think is worth passing on:

Because Jesus conquered even death and now lives...

- I can live free from the intimidation of oppressive authority or obligations
- I can trust that everything that Jesus says and promises is true
- I can live unreasonably before a watching world
- I can accept & even invite unacceptable events and circumstances with anticipation of new life
- I can live with faith & courage in a frightening world
- I can wait with security for him to bring new life to everything else when the time is right
- I can talk to and be understood by a strong friend who can relate to my weakness & pain
- I can offer hope to others

If you have time, check out the following neat story about a woman who was convinced of the Resurrection and couldn't help but offer the hope of it's truth with others. May we all be more like the woman in this story:

The Story of Edith Burns

still love spiderman...

Friday, March 25, 2005

pig on the road

watching lacrosse w/ alli & caroline

cole & trey at lacrosse game

dinner at tin star

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Pirates & Riddles

The Lacrosse game was fun. I played on the sidelines more than I watched but the team won big-time...I was way impressed. After, Alli & I took 5 students (Cole, Johnny, Trey, Audrey, & Caroline) and my sister (julie) out to dinner at Tin Star restaurant (I recommend the chuck's chicken taco) and we talked for two hours telling riddles and not-funny jokes about pirates.

When we took Cole home, no one was there and we were afraid someone had broken into his house. We went room to room looking for intruders (the scariest part is always looking behind the shower curtain).

While we were doing that, Alli & Julie found a roach in Alli's room.

Pirates are funny...Arrrrr.


I'm headed out the door to pick up my boy Trey Carlock to catch a little bit of the Providence Patriots Lacrosse team. Thought I'd write a blog about it since that is what bloggers do.

Go Patriots! Go Lacrosse! Go idiotic blogging!

What am I doing?

the start of something?

This may be the start of something or it may be the start of nothing. The idea here is to create a place on the web to share with folks in my community what's going on in my life and to invite them to comment and share back with me and one another.

Maybe blogging can be another place to connect. Maybe not...we'll see.

I doubt I'm going to be able to figure out how to do all this blog far it seems pretty complicated.

I think I posted 3 pictures
#1 Me on a tour of San Francisco, California with Reuben attacking the city
#2 Me with Alli (my boo) and little Caroline (a 2 monther belonging to my friends Tommy & Annalisa in Lubbock)
#3 Me with Dean becoming a proud 1st time homeowner

This is so idiotic.

penuel in S.F.

alli, caroline, & david

proud homeowner