Thursday, March 24, 2005


I'm headed out the door to pick up my boy Trey Carlock to catch a little bit of the Providence Patriots Lacrosse team. Thought I'd write a blog about it since that is what bloggers do.

Go Patriots! Go Lacrosse! Go idiotic blogging!

What am I doing?

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Anonymous said...

Girls' lacrosse is a joke!!! It's not even a real sport. I mean, there's no checking. So, if you don't drop the ball, since there's no defense, you get a free shot at the goal. If your not retarded, you score. And if you drop the ball, the other team gets a free shot on your goal...pretty pointless way to use your time. No offense, ladies. Wait....why do I care or have the time to comment on your blog? What the flip is a blog anyway???
Trey Carlock