Thursday, March 24, 2005

the start of something?

This may be the start of something or it may be the start of nothing. The idea here is to create a place on the web to share with folks in my community what's going on in my life and to invite them to comment and share back with me and one another.

Maybe blogging can be another place to connect. Maybe not...we'll see.

I doubt I'm going to be able to figure out how to do all this blog far it seems pretty complicated.

I think I posted 3 pictures
#1 Me on a tour of San Francisco, California with Reuben attacking the city
#2 Me with Alli (my boo) and little Caroline (a 2 monther belonging to my friends Tommy & Annalisa in Lubbock)
#3 Me with Dean becoming a proud 1st time homeowner

This is so idiotic.

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