Monday, September 29, 2008

Mommy & Me

Today, Chapman & I joined some of our friends at the Arboretum for "Mommy & Me Monday". Jen & Claire came over & we piled in one car to head down to Dallas. The weather was awesome & the pumpkin patch was so cute! We tried to snap some pictures before settling down for a picnic lunch & some Kindermusic. Chapman & Claire loved getting to see Reid, Porter, Blake, Hudson, Sutton & Eleanor. What sweet friends!


Jen & Claire

me & my boy

some of the group...
Porter, Chapman, Reid, Hudson, Blake & Sutton

attempt to get a cousin pic!

So much fun! Thanks to Summer for organizing everything :)

Pine Cove-Hideaway

This weekend we had our Watermark Sr. High Hideaway Retreat at Pine Cove Timbers. It was so gorgeous & I loved getting to spend time with my small group girls :) They are seniors so I am enjoying every last minute with them before college.

We stayed busy with club, flamingo football, a disco party, & lots of hang time :) Yea for the Senior Girls who dominated at flamingo football!! For those who don't know...flamingo football is played with the guys having their feet tied together making them have to hop instead of do have to tackle though.

my sweet girls

our uniforms...(my legs look really strange!)

my sweet community group

senior girls with Patrick Ryan Clark

Allie, Alli & Ally

the huddle

go get 'em girls!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Chapman!

Saturday was Chapman's 1st birthday, & he had such a fun & busy day to celebrate! It all started with the Penuel tradition of waking the birthday boy wearing crazy hats! He got to wear a hat & open one present in bed :)

Next came a birthday doughnut breakfast...yummy!!

Chapman was lucky because he was able to have his party on his actual birthday! We had a "ball-themed" party, including a ball pit, basketball, soccer & football. I had so much fun decorating the yard for his guests!

The food was all "ball-shaped", including cheeseballs, melon balls, grapes, cherry sours, & some fun "kid-friendly" party mix.

Thanks to sweet Amy Hulme for the precious cake & cupcakes...aren't they the cutest?

Someone was still snoozing when his guests started to arrive, but he quickly woke up & put on his birthday t-shirt from EmTanner designs!

The guests had fun playing basketball, soccer, football, & of course, the ball pit. I think the birthday boy spent most of the time in there.

Sweet friends...

Time for cupcakes & singing!!

Finally, Chapman got to open some fun presents & have a cook-out with the family.

My little one-year old was tuckered out, so he went right to sleep after his fun-filled day.

We love you sweet Chapman!!