Friday, August 31, 2007

Hospital Visitors Set 3

Okay, we have had what we think will be our final group of hospital visitors. Some very thoughtful High Schoolers from our Watermark Small Groups made the trek up to Plano to meet little Chapman. It was really cool to have each of them hold our little bundle of joy. Click HERE to see the pictures.

Hospital Visitors Set 2

We've had a few more visitors and a few more are on the way. Stay tuned for "Set 3". Click HERE to see more pictures of Chap with his friends.

Hospital Visitors Set 1

Our families were with us all day long through the Labor & Delivery process. After Chapman was born, some of our "extended family" stopped by for a visit. Click HERE to see a slideshow of pictures.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Labor & Delivery "Play by Play"

5:54pm - Chapman is born! 7 lbs exactly. 20 inches long. Healthy. Cone head. Lots of hair...kinda spikey. Pictures coming soon!

4:20pm - Power went out momentarily at the hospital. That made us a little nervous but it came back on and we're all good. Contractions are getting bigger and Alli is starting to feel pressure in her lower abdomen (a good pressure). We haven't checked dilation lately and hope to check it again soon. Everything is going well...just chillin.

This may be the last update before Chapman enters the world!

3:10pm - Dilated to 7 centimeters. They say you usually progress at a rate of 1 centimeter per hour. That makes the estimated arrival time around 6:00 or 6:30pm. We're hoping he comes sooner! We wrote a big number 7 on Alli's ice chip cup...just because.

2:40pm - Well, we switched playlists on the iPod. Lots of sitting around, reading magazines, snacking. Alli's only allowed to eat ice chips. But she doesn't seem to be that hungry...

1:20pm - Dilated to 5 centimeters. I think that means we're halfway there! Family is the room with us...reading magazines and doing crossword puzzles. I've eaten 2 packages of peanut butter crackers and a Nutrigrain bar (Apple Cinnamon). Chewing pictured below.

12:15pm - Epidural administered by Dr. Ku. Our nurse Lindsey (pictured below) has been very helpful and is enjoying our "Labor Tunes" playlist which includes Brad Paisley, George Strait, and Kenny Chesney.

11:30am - Dilated to 3 centimeters. The goal is 10 centimeters. We're getting ready to start our epidural.

11:10am - Aunt Julie has arrived with snacks and magazines! I want to call her "Aunt Buggie" but she is violently opposed to that name.

10:45am - Family has arrived. Everyone's hanging out in the room. Contractions continue. We're watching Hannah's the best of both worlds!

9:30am - Dr. Matthews just stopped by for a visit and broke Alli's water. It was weird. Contractions have begun. We're watching the Today Show.

8:20am - Alli has her IV in. She's got her ID bracelet and is ready to go!

8:15am - We're here! Alli & I are in Room 308. Our room is new and HUGE! If you'd like to come visit here are directions:

  • Take the Tollway North to Parker Rd
  • Exit Parker Rd and turn Left (West)
  • Drive under the Tollway to Communication
  • Drive Through the light at Communication
  • Take the next Left into the Hospital
  • You can park in Guest parking in the front or in the Parking Garage
  • Enter the hospital and navigate through the Lobby to West Elevators/Tower A
  • Take the Elevator to Floor 3
  • The waiting area is to the right off the elevators
8:00am - Check-In

7:00am - Call Labor & Delivery to confirm bed availability

Midnight Wednesday - Nothing to eat or drink (including water, ice chips, mints, and gum)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chapman's Room

These are some fun pictures of Chapman's new room! Click here to see a slideshow.

Baby Showers

I had a baby shower on July 28th hosted by my sister, Jennifer, & my good friends, Kathryn & Megan. I had another one on August 5th hosted by my sweet community group. Chapman got so many fun things!! Click here to see a slideshow of pictures.