Sunday, March 01, 2009

Night of Jonas...

Last night we were invited to a special screening of the Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience and then to an after party where there was going to be an appearance by the actual Jonas Brothers!!

For those who don't know, David & our friends Jeremy & Bode were in the Jonas Brothers movie as the "Fake Jonas Brothers"...I will post the story behind that later on, but for now, pictures from last night!! We had such a BLAST :)

Warning: LOTS of pictures!!

First, we stopped off to get our "credentials" for the movie screening. We brought Julie with us & she got in!! (6pm)

waiting in line (taking lots of fan pics...)

the wives/fiances/sisters in line :)

me w/the boys...Fake Kevin, Fake Nick & Fake Joe (my favorite of course!)

Demi Lovato welcomed everyone in the theater...she is really cute!

ready to watch!! Free drink & popcorn - YEA! (7:30pm)

The Fake Jonas Brothers on the red carpet


The girls on the red carpet...I had such a fun outfit, but it was FREEZING outside!

another one...

me & Ashley

the red carpet - ha ha

There were fans lined up at these gated for hours...the boys went to see them - craziness!!

at the party...David w/JC & Kidd Kraddick from 106.1 (9:30pm)

me with Demi Lovato

the boys introducing the JoBros (12:20am)

It took awhile for them to actually come, so we entertained ourselves as needed...

Finally, a quick appearance... (12:40am) The boys got to meet the JoBros (and their parents) for the first time backstage just before they went on. They said the whole family was very friendly, complimentary, and maybe a little weirded out. :)

We love them...let's go get some more pics outside!!

Kevin & Joe walking by


Finally a pic of the real & fake Jonas Brothers!! (1:30am)


Team Carroll said...

OMG!! I missed this story yesterday and Meredith was telling me all about it!! How cool is that?!?! It looks like you guys had SUCH a BLAST!!! Can't wait to hear more details!! These pics are TOO much!! Love it!!

Stacey said...

What fun! Y'all crack me up. I'm happy you shared pics so quickly! Love them!

Caryn said...

OMG - that is TO MUCH FUN!!! I love it!!! What a fun night. You are a real live red carpet walking wife of a almost real super star. Seriously, that had to have been such a fun experience so glad you guys got to be there.

Jen said...

Such fun pictures!! Hobnobbing with the JoBros!!! Can't wait to hear all about it! M&J were VERY impressed! I heard them upstairs talking about the pictures and deciding how it all played out :)

Anonymous said...

Loved looking at the pictures!!! I can't wait to hear stories from the night. I know you guys had a blast!!!

Porter Carroll said...

Oh looked adorable and perfect for the red carpet! :) I am so glad you had fun!

Katrina said...

That is so insane! I have to go the see the move now so I can see the Fake JoBros.

Love it

sheltonfamily said...

Awesome pics! I love the one of David in front of all the fans. Amazing and we can't wait to hear the whole story of the night. You look great! You and Demi look like you could be best friends! Enjoy all the fun!

aria said...

I'm sure you've already seen it, but I saw this Fake Jonas Bros shout out this morning.

Donnell Days said...

How fun is that!?!! I can't wait to hear more!!!

Annie said...

What a fun night!!! You definitely look right in place on the red carpet! I will check out US Weekly and People magazine this week to check for your pics!!! Great seeing you yesterday!!

Meredith said...

Ya'll look so cute!!! Perfect for the red carpet! Seriously, the Fake JoBros look like the real ones! I'll actually go see the movie so I can see the appearances!! What a fun night!!!

Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

LOVE this!! You're so Hollywood! :)

shelby said...

Aww :)
What a fun night.. we had a great time, too. You might remember me- my friend Taylor and I were right in front of you guys when we had to wait for 1 billion years in front of the stage! And we talked to guys when we were getting back on the bus, when we were really cold. I'm in the background of the picture with Kidd.. Ha!

Here are all my pictures from that night!

good times... :)