Monday, April 27, 2009

Prom Mom

I had so much fun being a "prom mom" on Saturday night. Highland Park was having their senior prom, and one of my small group girls was asked(she is a senior at HP). Her parents were going to be out of town so...enter Alli! I had so much fun going with her to a hair appt & taking some pictures of her w/date in front of the fireplace!!

Then, David, Chapman & I loaded up in the car (camera in hand) to the house where they were taking pictures with their group (all 58 of them!!). They all looked gorgeous & had this awesome double-decker bus to tote them around town. Several of David's boys were in the group too, so we had fun seeing everyone all dressed up & snapping some pics for the real Mama!

Here are a few...

Audrey & Shelby

David & Cole

the whole crew

pretty girls!!


Jen said...

I'm having a flashback to mom trying on those dresses for you!! And I'm smiling :)
Cute pictures!

Julie said...

so i guess hp doesn't do corsages... mary alice told me you all didn’t do them in wf either. She said it would have been embarrassing if your date got you one. at good old fuhs you had your dad buy you one if you didn’t have a date because it would be sad so show up without one.